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Romantic Title

Lone Walk


Reach Namkhana by bus or train ( Rs. 30/- from Sealdah).

Take One motor van to ferry ghat (Rs. 10/- per head).

Cross the Hatania Doyania river by brezze , Take Tata Magic ( every 15 minutes service and reach Durgapur Kheya ghat

( 45 mins ride ) ( shared Rs. 15/- per head , or  Reserved car from Namkhana Rs. - 350/- per vehicle)

Cross the river and reach Bagdanga by boat ( 10 mins ride, Rs. 4/- per head . After Bagdanga take any moto van ride to Baliara.

                                                                           Stay in Moonlit Canvas Island .

   Rs.- 1000/- per head ( which will include stay at comfortable                                      Tent House. ( Campfire and food )